About Afric

Afric has been based in the Netherlands since 2007, specializing in promoting sustainable economic development between public and private organizations in Europe and sub-Saharan Africa. Our services and expertise are currently well sought after, following the successful completion of many trade missions between the two continents.


Our multi-disciplinary multi-lingual team of technical advisors and project managers are either from Africa, or have experience in providing technical assistance on location in Africa. They communicate daily in Dutch, English, French, and Spanish, as well as the various African national languages. The team’s specific local knowledge is integral to what sets Afric apart, because effective communication is essential to doing good business.


The team at Afric has built up a well of experience and knowledge, plus a broad network to support European companies wanting to conduct business on the African continent. We understand different corporate cultures and the drive companies have towards international development. We know how to connect clients with suitable partners, to help them obtain the financing necessary for growth, and provide products, tender services, or direct contracts.

First we undertake a phase of preliminary contact, then we make an intensive inventory of needs. The next steps are determined by the needs specified by each client. Our services include possible field visits to clients, organizations, projects, and sales teams based in Africa and Europe.

Our way of working requires us to become true partners with our clients.

Added Value

We actively promote the exciting economic growth potential of sub-Saharan Africa and support the development of SMEs (small and medium local enterprises). We make a difference by sharing a deep interest in cooperation, and equitable sustainable development.

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